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Failtimers is a tool you can use to keep track of your Build time, Practice time and Clear time for hard levels. You can also set 10 different milestones to keep track of. Finally, if your viewers have made clear time predictions, it will show you who’s currently the closest guess. Everything is stored in text files, which you can use as inputs for your streaming software.

Failtimers was originally made for Failstream, when he was working on Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight, and could really use a better way of managing his practice/clear timers and milestones. A build timer was later added for GoSeigen, when he was working on Super Seigen’s Magnum Opus.

While Failtimers was intended to be used by streamers, it’s also perfectly suited for offline use.


The first screenshot shows the Failtimers interface. The second screenshot shows an example of what the timers and milestones could look like on stream. Since it’s all text files, you’re free to use your streaming software to style the text however you want.

Failtimers GUI
Failtimers interface
Failtimers in action. Failstream - Final Flight
Example of Failtimers on stream. Milestones at the top; Timers at the bottom.



First, download Failtimers. There’s a download link at the top of this page. Unpack it anywhere you’d like. Keep in mind that the program will create some extra folders and files to store the various timers and settings, so do create a dedicated folder for it. Run Failtimers.exe.


The first thing you want to do after opening Failtimers is create a profile for your level. You can name the profile anything you want, as long as you only use letters, numbers, spaces, dashes and underscores. Any other characters will be discarded. In the screenshot above I used “Failstream – Final Flight” as the profile name.

Every profile will be stored in Failtimers\Profiles\<profile name>\

Text Files

The various text files will be stored in 2 places:

Failtimers\Profiles\<profile name>\*.txt
This is where the text files for your selected profile are stored. This is the only place that has the predictions.txt file, which holds all the upload time predictions made by your viewers.

This folder will always contain the text files for the currently selected profile. This is probably what you want to use as input for your stream, since no matter which profile you use, the files will always be in the same place.

The following files will be created:

Contains the Build time

Contains the Practice Time.

Contains the Upload Time.

Contains the Milestones

predictions.txt (only in the profile folder)
Contains all the clear time predictions (practice + upload) made by chat.

Contains the current closest prediction time and name.


Use the start/stop buttons below the timers to start and stop them. Use the “Edit Timers” button to manually enter times.


Use the “Edit Milestones” button to enter names for the Milestones, and to manually set the amount. Once set, use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to add and subtract milestone amounts. Milestones without a name will be excluded from the milestones.txt file.


If your viewers made predictions on how long it will take you to clear your level, Failtimers can automatically check who’s the current closest prediction.

A sample predictions.txt (this is the file that contains all the viewers’ predictions) is included in every profile. Don’t deviate from the format in this file, or Failtimers will probably fail to start. In case it’s unclear, the format is as follows:

  • One prediction per line
  • Every prediction has a name, then a comma, then at least 1 space (optionally more to make things more readable), then a time.
  • Names cannot contain commas.
  • Time has to be in hhh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss format.

The current closest prediction is stored in current_winner.txt.

The current winner switches when someone else’s guess is closer to the total time, not when the total time ticks one second over the current closest guess.

For example:

  • Total time (practice + upload) = 10 minutes.
  • Prediction A: 8 minutes.
  • Prediction B: 20 minutes.
  • Prediction A is the current winner, since it’s only 2 minutes off from the total time, while Prediction B is 10 minutes off.
  • At 14 minutes total time, they’ll both be 6 minutes off, and 1 second later Prediction B will be the closest prediction.

If your viewers have made their predictions in Discord, and you’re feeling brave, you can use the Discord Prediction Importer on the Predictions tab. Just follow the instructions in the program and hopefully nothing will break.


Use the Options tab to customize everything to your heart’s desire. Currently has 1 option ๐Ÿ˜›


If you have any feedback (positive or negative), want to report a bug, or maybe even have a feature request (your chances are slim, but you can always try), contact me:

Use the Contact Form on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just making these up, but I thought of something important and I don’t have anywhere else to put it.

Q: Is this version backwards compatible with the older versions?
A: No. You’ll have to manually input your timers/milestones into the new version, sorry. Only 2 people ever used the old versions so I feel I can get away with this. You can put your pitchforks down now.

Q: Failtimers doesn’t start
A: You probably messed up the formatting in a predictions.txt file. Open the file (you know which one you edited, right?), and check if everything looks correct using the predictions guidelines a bit further up on this page. If everything fails you can always copy Failtimers.exe to another folder, create a new profile and copy the included predictions.txt file from that. I should probably get to fixing this soon…