Joining a team

Had enough of doing the Endless Challenge, or are you just looking for something that’ll put a bit of a twist on the game? Why not join a team? What’s a team, you say? Just a bunch of community members that share the same interests, and have banded together (usually on Discord) to work towards the same goals.

What are a team’s goals?

It varies. Some teams build levels based on specific powerups, or build levels with mainly pipes instead of blocks. Some teams focus on tricks with very hard inputs. Others focus on clearing every single uncleared level in existence.

The list

Check the list below for a taste of what’s out there. There are probably more teams, and Mario Maker 2 should spawn a whole new batch as well.

If you can’t find the team you’re looking for, take a trip to and see if they’re listed there.

Team 0%

Team 0% aims to clear every single uncleared level. They succesfully cleared the remaining 13,000 2015 levels. With some of the best players in the world in the team, even the hardest levels prove no match. However, since it’s mostly a numbers game, they can use all the help they can get. This team is open for everyone to join.

Team 0% Discord

Update: Since there’s no bookmark site for SMM2, creating a list of 0% clear rate levels is not really doable right now. However, the team is optimistic about future updates, and will keep chugging on.

Team 1F

If you always thought these Mario tricks were way too lenient, you now have a whole new challenge ahead of you. The levels from Team 1F primarily have frame perfect tricks, so only the truly dedicated with make it through.

Check out the Team 1F levels sheet for more information.

Update: Do these guys still exist in SMM2? Nobody really knows. (somebody probably knows)
Update 2: One of the members said there aren’t enough 1 frame tricks in Super Mario Maker 2, and this team isn’t active anymore.

Team Flight

Team Flight focuses on building levels that are based around the various flying powerups like the cape, propeller hat and tanooki suit. Their Discord server is open to everyone, but you’ll need to fly through a few hoops to become an official member.

Team Flight Discord

Team Jamp

Team Jamp is all about platforming without any of the hard item abuse. This one’s for all the kaizo-lite lovers out there.

Team Jamp website
Team Jamp Discord


TeamMeat levels are levels made for SuperMeatBro’s contests. The levels have to be inspired by Super Meat Boy, so whatever the theme of the contest, expect lots of saws everywhere.

Check out SuperMeatBro’s Discord if you want to know more. You’ll find info about the TeamMeat contests in the #what-is-teammeat channel. There’s also sheets with all the previous contest levels in there as well.

Team Midair

Only the hardest kind of shell jump is allowed in Team Midair. For those who don’t know: A midair shell jump is done by jumping, then throwing a shell and turning around on the next frame (1/60th of a second). This will throw the shell under Mario’s feet, allowing him to jump off it in midair without using a wall.

Check the Team Midair levels sheet for more information.

Update: RIP Mid-airs in SMM2. This team probably doesn’t exist anymore.

Team Pipe

As the name suggests, these guys really like pipes. Pipes for floor. Pipes for walls. Even pipes for ceilings. Beat enough of their green levels and you could be a member too.

Team Pipe website
Team Pipe Discord

Team Precision

Team Precision levels are for players that have mastered Mario’s movements down to the pixel. Their levels are usually short but most tricks only have a few pixels of leeway, so don’t expect them to be easy.

Team Precision levels sheet

Team Shell

Team Shell just has one requirement for their levels: Use a lot of shells. This team was founded by Space_Pig, who’s well known for making levels with lots of shell jumps in them, so this could very well be what Team Shell’s levels will gravitate towards.

Team Shell website
Team Shell Discord

Tight Time Team (#3T)

This team focuses on very tight speedrun levels, where the world record is less than 6 hundreths of a second from the level’s allocated time. The levels also have to have a clear rate of 0.50% or less.

3T Discord