PangaeaPanga and TonesBalones Clear Check a Crazy Co-op Level

PangaeaPanga and his new roommate, TonesBalones, have created and beaten a very hard co-op level in Mario Maker 2. While the co-op clear check was not strictly necessary to upload the level, the duo pulled it off regardless. With a clear time of over 6 hours, this will be quite a challenge for anyone wanting to beat it as well.

Judging from Panga’s youtube video, they had a lot of fun trying to beat their creation. The clear starts at 5:34.

PangaeaPanga & TonesBalones – PePanga Bros.: Hit Me Up

Course ID: 1X4-P53-C3G

Note that the level starts with a contraption that detects if you’re playing by yourself or with other people, so if you go in alone you will end up in the single player portion of the level. The single player challenge resembles the co-op part, but is adjusted for being beatable by just one player. If you’re curious, you can watch Syun’s clear video.

IGN Interview With PangaeaPanga and Thabeast721

IGN just published an article named The Insider’s Guide to Mario Maker’s Secret Language, which is mostly about the history of Super Mario Maker and its Super Mario World ROM hack counterpart. The article includes input from popular streamers PangaeaPanga and Thabeast721, with a bit of their backstory as well.

Want to see these SMM masters at play? Check out their streams on Twitch:

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