ChainChompBraden Gets 5th Nai on Trials of Death

While most of us are building and playing Mario Maker 2 levels, ChainChompBraden hasn’t slowed down one bit trying to clear his Mario Maker 1 kaizo masterpiece, and just got his 5th nai on Trials of Death. After one-shotting his latest buff, the triple p-switch jump, he was stopped once again just inches from the axe that marks the end of the level.

For those that don’t know: Once Braden finally gets the clear and uploads Trials of Death, it will most likely be the hardest level in not only Mario Maker, but in any game ever (not including TAS of course). Braden has been trying to beat the level since late 2015, making it harder every time he came close to beating it. Since the buffs are getting fewer and further apart, we seem to be getting real close to the end of this journey.

Check out ChainChompBraden’s twitch stream if you want to watch the attempts live.

If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch a clip of nai 5.

4th Nai on Trials of Death

With the release of Mario Maker 2 steadily approaching, the number 1 question on everyone’s mind is, without a doubt: “Will Braden upload Trials of Death before the next game’s release?” And today, on day 1204 of upload attempts, with over 2500 hours invested, the answer was almost “yes”. Dying about an inch away from the goal, we just might see this monster uploaded in time.

Watch the clip of the 4th nai, or visit Braden’s twitch stream to watch him do more upload attempts.