Mario Masters Colloseum 2019 Breaks All-Time Colloseum Fundraising Record

Mario Masters Colloseum 2019 just came to an end, raising over $186,000 for Direct Relief in 4 days. The previous record was held by The Runaway Guys ($183,000). Huge shoutouts to GrandPOObear and the Mario/gaming community for organizing this great event, and for giving so much to charity.

If you missed any of it, check out our Mario Masters Colloseum 3 page for links to the VODs.
Edit: The Relay Race levels have been added to this page as well!

Upcoming Tournament: Mario Masters Colloseum 3

GrandPooBear just announced the next Mario Masters Colloseum. Poo and a whole bunch of people from the gaming community are going to get together again to play games and raise money for Direct Relief.

The event will be held on September 5-8, 2019. More details will follow. Keep an eye on our Mario Masters Colloseum 3 page for updates.