Mario Masters Colloseum 2019 Breaks All-Time Colloseum Fundraising Record

Mario Masters Colloseum 2019 just came to an end, raising over $186,000 for Direct Relief in 4 days. The previous record was held by The Runaway Guys ($183,000). Huge shoutouts to GrandPOObear and the Mario/gaming community for organizing this great event, and for giving so much to charity.

If you missed any of it, check out our Mario Masters Colloseum 3 page for links to the VODs.
Edit: The Relay Race levels have been added to this page as well!

The Speedoran Jam 4 Finals Have Been Played

The Speedoran Jam 4 tournament ended a bit anticlimactic when the upper bracket winner had to leave early (the tournament had been going for about 6 hours), and the lower bracket winner was declared the winner of the tournament. However, both players still wanted to play out the final round, and they found the time to battle it out about a week later.

If you missed the finals, check out our Speedoran Jam 4 page for a link to the VOD. You can also find the level IDs for all the levels that were played at the tournament there as well.

Failstream Begins Upload Attempts On Fail’s Flotilla 4

Failstream, the creator of Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight, has finished building the successor to his “Impossible Cape Level”. The Fail’s Flotilla levels have been steadily increasing in difficulty. Final Flight took Failstream 481 hours to upload. After that, he vowed never to make a sequel. Then came Mario Maker 2…

Did Failstream once again make an even more difficult level? Will this one drive him truly crazy? Only time will tell. Check out the trailer if you want a preview of what Fail’s life will look like for the foreseeable future.

Upload attempts on Fail’s Flotilla 4 will start on September 17, 2019. You can watch live on Failstream’s Twitch channel.

Preview of Fail’s Flotilla 4 by Failstream

Upcoming Tournament: Speedoran Jam 4

A bit of a late notice, but Kaizoholics’ Speedoran Jam 4 is starting today. As you can probably tell from the title of the tournament, this one is all about speedrun levels.

Date: Saturday August 31, 2019
Time: 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET

Check our Speedoran Jam 4 page after the tournament has concluded for a list of levels played, and a link to the VOD.

Featured Level: Castle of Aya : Revive by Aya

Aya, known for making very hard NSMBU speedrun levels in SMM1, is back for more in SMM2. In case you’re thinking about grabbing first clear, beware: This is not for beginners. It’s probably also not for intermediate or advanced players. Maybe you should just watch the video to see what you’re getting yourself into.

GG to Aya for uploading this. Let’s see who’s up for the challenge.

Level ID: 61K-WFJ-2PF

Edit: The level has been beaten in less than 2 days. Is it easier than it looks, or is the player that beat it just incredibly good at NSMBU as well? Either way, GG to おうちゃん, which translates to Ouchan (according to Google Translate). The level now stands at 1/5210.

Castle of Aya: Revive [110s Speedrun]

ChainChompBraden Gets 5th Nai on Trials of Death

While most of us are building and playing Mario Maker 2 levels, ChainChompBraden hasn’t slowed down one bit trying to clear his Mario Maker 1 kaizo masterpiece, and just got his 5th nai on Trials of Death. After one-shotting his latest buff, the triple p-switch jump, he was stopped once again just inches from the axe that marks the end of the level.

For those that don’t know: Once Braden finally gets the clear and uploads Trials of Death, it will most likely be the hardest level in not only Mario Maker, but in any game ever (not including TAS of course). Braden has been trying to beat the level since late 2015, making it harder every time he came close to beating it. Since the buffs are getting fewer and further apart, we seem to be getting real close to the end of this journey.

Check out ChainChompBraden’s twitch stream if you want to watch the attempts live.

If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch a clip of nai 5.

Upcoming Tournament: Mario Masters Colloseum 3

GrandPooBear just announced the next Mario Masters Colloseum. Poo and a whole bunch of people from the gaming community are going to get together again to play games and raise money for Direct Relief.

The event will be held on September 5-8, 2019. More details will follow. Keep an eye on our Mario Masters Colloseum 3 page for updates.

Super Mario Maker 2 is Live!

You probably don’t need a news article telling you this (especially not one that’s a day late because we were too busy playing), but Super Mario Maker 2 has officially been released!

There’s no telling what people will come up with in the near future, but there’s no doubt the levels will be a mix of creativity, crazy tech, silly contraptions and probably a little bit of hot garbage sprinkled in as well.

Whether you’re playing Story Mode, Endless Mode, or just creating and playing levels: Have fun!