Failtimers: Timers and Milestones For Your Hard Level Clears

If you’re trying to clear a hard level, and you’re keeping track of time and personal milestones, Failtimers can make this a lot easier for you. Failtimers comes equiped with a Build Timer, Practice Timer and Upload timer, and has 10 Milestones it can keep track of. Everything is saved to text files, so you can plug these in to OBS (or other streaming software) without much effort. You can even have your audience make predictions how long you will take, and the program will automatically calculate who’s closest. Gone are the days of manually typing numbers into a text file on every death: just press one button and instantly go into the next life.

Failtimers GUI
Failtimers GUI

Failtimers was originally made for Failstream (hence the name), when he was uploading Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight, and later used by GoSeigen, for the upload of Super Seigen’s Magnum Opus. It has been improved for Mario Maker 2, and is now available to everyone!

If you’re not a streamer, don’t worry: Failtimers is also great for offline use.

More info and download link on our Failtimers page.

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