Super Mario Maker 2’s Final Major Update

Nintendo just announced Super Mario Maker 2’s final major update. While it’s a bit sad that this is the last major update, the amount of new content is incredible. Like the previous update, there are a lot of things the community has wanted for a long time. The biggest new feature is the World Maker, which allows you to create a world map just like in the original Mario games. This is the one feature that will transform this game from “just some random levels” into being able to create your own Mario game.

And keep in mind that while this is the final major update, we could still get minor updates in the future. Nothing’s guaranteed, of course, but we can dream. ๐Ÿ™‚

The update will drop on April 22nd, which is just 1 day away.

Super Mario Maker 2 โ€“ World Maker Update โ€“ Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Its First Big Content Patch

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo just announced Super Mario Maker 2’s first big content patch. In just a few days, the game will get a bunch of new features including new enemies, a speedrun mode and the ability to play as Link. Watch the trailer to see what we’re getting on December 5th.

Super Mario Maker 2 – A Legendary Update

Patch 1.10 Released, Featuring Online Multiplayer With Friends and More

Patch 1.10 for Super Mario Maker 2 has been released. This is the first big patch since the game’s release. The biggest new feature is being able to play Multiplayer VS and Co-op online with your friends. There’s also a bunch of smaller features added, such extra tabs on your profile for First Clears and World Records, and a list of official Nintendo makers.

You can read Nintendo’s official patch notes on their site for the “full” list of changes. “Full” is in quotation marks because they have a catch-all line that says “Other issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience”, which basically means they fixed a ton of bugs, but also did a bunch of physics changes and other things.

There’s been a load of undocumented changes being found and collected into a single list. This article will be updated when there’s an official post by the community with all their findings.

Edit: See Black60Dragon’s Super Mario Maker 2 Version 1.1.0 Changes for a list with the findings so far.

Super Mario Maker 2 is Live!

You probably don’t need a news article telling you this (especially not one that’s a day late because we were too busy playing), but Super Mario Maker 2 has officially been released!

There’s no telling what people will come up with in the near future, but there’s no doubt the levels will be a mix of creativity, crazy tech, silly contraptions and probably a little bit of hot garbage sprinkled in as well.

Whether you’re playing Story Mode, Endless Mode, or just creating and playing levels: Have fun!